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Aussergewöhnliche Reisen an spezielle Ziele: Weltreiseforum ist Ihr Partner! Foto: O. Zwahlen
Aussergewöhnliche Reisen an spezielle Ziele: Weltreiseforum ist Ihr Partner! Foto: O. Zwahlen

Welcome to Weltreiseforum, the travel blog for those who like to discover the world. I am glad that you are interested in working with me. Before you contact me to collaborate please have a look at the „hard facts“ below. Please note that I update the English version of the media kit less often than the German version. If the provided information is not up to date please refer to the German version.

What does stand for

This blog was created in Summer 2012. However, since 2004 this domain has been used for a well renowned travel forum, which today has more than 7500 members. The forum can be found here.

Weltreiseforum is aimed at Backpackers and Flashpackers (independent travellers with a higher standard) who wants to explore the world in depth. That’s why is dedicated to slow travel.

This blog is not only a great source for travel inspiration but also offers many well researched background articles as the main writer of this blog is a professional journalist who previously worked for a daily newspaper. We also have several guest bloggers who occasionally write for this website.

Hard facts

  • Monthly page views: 96.647
  • Monthly sessions: 72.144
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 63.718
  • Average time per session: 1:31 min
  • Number of articles: 340
  • Commentaries: 2265
  • Twitter followers: 2612
  • Facebook fans: 6656
  • Followers on Google+: 451
  • Newsletter: 1251
  • Instagram: 1161
  • Feedly (RSS): 228
  • Bloglovin (RSS): 283
  • Flipboard (RSS); 139
  • RSS Total: 650

Source: Google Analytics. February 1st, 2019.
The numbers refer to the last 31 days.

The forum is on a separate subdomain and also has around 25,000 page views per month.

Target Group

  • Origin of the visitors: According to Google Analytics 60.1 per cent of our visitors live in Germany.  17.9 per cent come from Switzerland and 7.5 per cent originate from Austria. This means that 85.5 per cent of our readers are from German speaking countries.
  • Gender: is mostly read by women. According to our facebook fan page 62 per cent of our followers are female. 38 per cent are male.
  • Age: About 42 per cent of our readers are between 25 and 34 years. The second most important age range is the 35 to 44 year old readers.

How we can collaborate

This blog follows the ethical principle of separating content and advertising. This means that any kind of collaboration will be marked as such. We are not exchanging links.

  • Sponsorship: Before and during a trip I inform the followers on the social media channels about the destination. After the trip I will write a detailed report about my travels. As a rule of thumb I need about three days of research to write one article. Also during media trips I need sufficient time to update my social media channels.
  • Lotteries: Companies who offer travel related products can sponsor a lottery.
  • Product tests: I am happy to test your product if it is relevant to travellers. The product will be analysed in a fair manner and what I write represents my personal opinion. Please note that products will not be returned unless otherwise agreed.
  • Advertorials: I occasionally publish sponsored articles. Normally I write them myself. Please contact me for current prices.
  • Sponsored Links: I am happy to link to relevant travel companies. Please note that I respect the google guidelines for web masters.

Previos collaboriations:

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